Ductless Mini Split Installations

HVAC Westchester provides you with professional ductless mini split systems and products. If you are planning to have an addition put onto your home, then installing a ductless mini split system could be the way to go because it does not require ductwork and it allows you to be flexible during your construction or remodeling project.

Systems That Keep Your Home Cool & Comfortable

A ductless mini split system consists of two units; a condenser that sits outside the home, and a fan unit that sits inside the home. With a ductless mini split system, the indoor unit is typically mounted to a ceiling or wall and is connected to the condenser via a conduit.

In order to cool a room in your home, the refrigerant passes through the conduit and into the room. Ductless systems can include up to 8 indoor units to cool individual rooms with or without the use of ducts. This allows you to control the temperature of each room separately! There are several additional pros of ductless mini splits including:

They are small in size and easy to install

No ductwork is involved, and vents are not needed on the floor

Highly efficient and can help save on energy bills

Ability to personalize individual room temperatures (individual zoning control)

A great option for homes 2,000 square feet or less

They make less noise because the compressor is housed

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